Regular prices

Floor Desciption Price per floor
Frozen C1 Non-AFK Rush Run to the ladder to end

Full run (1-29)



Frozen C1 AFK Rush Stay at base

Full run (1-29)



Furnished Mediums Recommended until 71

Price for 3 floors



Abandoned Abandoned 2 Floor 30 - 35 2500K
Occult Occult Floor 36 - 47 2750K
Warped Low Warped Floor 48 - 56 3250K
Warped High Warped Floor 57 - 60 3500K

Carded Floor Prices

Card Desciption Price per leech
Consistent Yak Consistent Yak Unlocks one of the Meilyr potion recipes 3000K
Card Desciption Abandoned 2 Occult Low Warped High warped
Cloning Mosquito Cloning Mosquito 2.0 x Tokens 3500K 3750K 4250K 4500K
Preening IbisThieving Locust Preening Ibis + Thieving Locust 2.5 x Floor XP 7000K* 7250K* 7750K* 8000K*
Preening IbisThieving LocustCloning Mosquito Cloning Mosquito + Preening Ibis + Thieving Locust 2.0 x Tokens + 2.5 X Floor XP 8000K* 8250K* 8750K* 9000K*

Special Requests

Request Desciption Price
Frafu Frafu Large Floor 1-29 2250K
Hardmode Hardmode Done as medium size floor with guide mode active
Refund time is 12 minutes & any % bonus rooms
Craftable item Craftable item Items that can be crafted
Weapons, armour & potions of tier 90 and below
Boss item Boss item Items dropped by bosses
Weapons & armour of tier 99
Slayer item Slayer item Items dropped by slayer creatures
E.g. Blood necklace & Flameburst defender
Not refunded if the item is not obtained in the hour
10M / 30 Min